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Celebrating why we Love Missouri 

Hey everyone, my name is Jazmin Decker and I am currently a student at Brenau University who is striving to obtain a degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Studio Art. This upcoming semester I will be in my third year at Brenau. I am very involved on campus through the Brenau Fashion Network, the plethora of arts classes I take each semester, and the incredible softball team that I have had the pleasure of playing on these past few years. I have a passion for photography and ultimately leaving an impact on the world through art and fashion. As a shy and inverted person, I love to leave my mark on other people through the pieces I create and the articles that I write. When I was asked to assist with this magazine, I saw this as an incredible opportunity to expand my experience and create an amazing opening into the insight of all things Missouri!

Jazmin Decker, Staff Writer

Jan Harter, Account Executive

Springfield area

Crystal French, Photographer

Angie Decker, Creative Director 

My passion has always been photography. I received a point and shoot camera at 10 years old and haven't set a camera down since. I took three years of film photography in high school and fell in love with watching my photography physically appear before my eyes. I love walking into a photo shoot with an idea in my head and leaving with the idea physically in my camera. I get to show everyone how I view the world through my own eyes.

I graduated from Webster University in St. Louis with a BA in photography with an emphasis in commercial photography. I also completed two minors in Marketing & Advertising Communications and Graphic Design. I am someone who is very motivated and always needs something to do. 

My husband and I live in Springfield, Missouri. As a recent college graduate, I am very excited to be joining this team. I am excited to be on this journey and get to share my love of the Ozarks with all of our viewers. 

Graphic’s what I do, it’s what I love.  I love all aspects of design. I love to tackle the challenge of coming up with the best design concept to get your message across. I love finding the right font, the right colors, and the right layout. 

I graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with a degree in Graphic Design in 2009. As a wife of 17 years at the time and a mother to two kids who were in the 3rd and 5th grade at the time, it was a great accomplishment to finish college and be an example to my kids to follow your dreams and  do what you love. 

 Fast forward to now. I am celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary this year, my daughter is a sophmore in college and my son is a senior in high school. When I was approached to help kick off this magazine I was really stoked. It’s exciting and refreshing to get to learn all the things about Missouri and see why every one LOVE’S Missouri so much!